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A fine art legacy painting by Erin Eitter Kono will bring you and your family joy for years to come.

Infused with the same artistic sensibility that Erin brings to all her work, your painting will not only capture for all time the likeness and personality of your subject, but will be a work of art appropriate to any collection. 

How does it work? Simply email the studio to begin.  Due to the time intensive nature of egg tempera, Erin works primarily using photographs for reference. Whenever possible, she prefers to photograph the subject herself. Together we will decide the best way to obtain reference photos (by either meeting with Erin or by you providing photos/videos).  Next, Erin will digitally mock up/sketch your painting's composition and email this to you for approval. At this point you can suggest changes, and revisions will be made. Once you sign off on the image, 50% of the painting's commission will be charged and Erin will go to final art.


What are the costs?  The time, talent and resources that go into developing the painstakingly accurate details each painting contains is akin to creating an old master painting and the artwork created is priced appropriately. Commissions for paintings vary from $850-$5000. Please contact the studio for more information. Erin currently has a small waiting list, however if you need your artwork by a certain date she'll do her best to fit you in. Please contact Erin to discuss details. 

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