From ancient times, imagery has been employed to help define the unknown. It conveys through a narrative or process, an essence that allows its audience to gleam some understanding of existence.  I’m interested in the forms that communication has taken throughout history, as well as how symbols and ideas cross and evolve through cultures and time. I’m curious how this evolution is playing out today as the humanist, matter based, hierarchy that defines the modern world is upended by recent developments in quantum physics and the holographic principle.

I create egg tempera paintings and silverpoint drawings using old master techniques. My chosen medium is inspired by parallels between our time and the early Renaissance. Both eras are defined by innovative technologies that lead to an unprecedented dissemination of knowledge and drastic disruption in societal norms. In 2020, I began to incorporate augmented reality on top of traditional 2-D paintings to explore the connection between pre-humanist/non-western imagery and advanced mathematics.


E.E. Kono is an artist based in Los Angeles. Her paintings are distilled narratives inspired by years of travel and a background in Art History. Kono’s work is influenced by the transition from Mysticism to Humanism in early Renaissance art, as well as by 20th-century surrealist such as Leanora Carrington.

Kono practices the old master technique of egg tempera painting. Each color is created on the palette by combining natural powdered pigments and organic egg yolk binder. The paint is applied to traditional gesso panels in a process that requires hundreds of semi-translucent layers. 

Kono is also an award-winning author/illustrator who has published over a dozen picture books. Her clientele includes top trade publishers and national magazines. She has a BA in Art History from the University of Iowa and studied art history at the University of Hull in England. She learned egg tempera through the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and continued in workshops with Master Painter, Koo Schadler.  She was raised in Dubuque, Iowa and has traveled the world. She currently lives in Southern Califnornia with her husband, daughter, and two dogs.


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